Divorce and Separation Planning

We’re here to provide unbiased guidance and support so you can navigate the complexities of divorce.

Like other major changes in your life, divorce can be emotional, uncertain, and complicated. Our in-house Charted Financial Divorce Specialist (CFDS) is here to provide unbiased financial guidance to help you through this transition. Together, we’ll analyze the impact of your divorce, complete financial and retirement projections, and review settlement proposals to see how they may impact your financial future. From there, we’ll explore your options and discuss what’s best for your current situation.


Financial Planning Projections

Understand how your divorce could impact your long-term financial and retirement goals through a detailed planning projection process. We’ll review your settlement proposals and discuss how to adapt your current financial strategy, so you’re better prepared to take control of your financial future.


Often the most difficult part of separation, dividing property comes with a range of scenarios. We’ll help you weigh your options and discuss whether it’s more beneficial to keep or sell your assets.


As one of your most valuable assets, it’s important to understand how your pension’s value may impact your financial future. We’ll guide you through the pension evaluation process, connect you to a pension valuator, and help you prepare for discussions with them. After you’ve received your report, we’ll review your results together so you can better understand what they mean.

Spousal Support & Insurance

If your spouse needs ongoing financial support, we’ll review your requirements and help you understand how payments may impact your financial plan. We’ll also discuss the life insurance options available to you, so your support payments can continue even after you pass.

And if you’re a spouse seeking support, we can discuss how compensation affects your strategy, and if additional considerations, such as life insurance, are needed.